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Traditional pizza is an excellent choice to create a real holiday. Due to the speed of cooking and a wide selection of toppings, it is pizza that remains at the peak of popularity not only in Italy, but also in Europe and the USA.

A feature of modern pizza is the ability to create a true culinary masterpiece for every taste in just a couple of minutes. A successful combination of ingredients, as well as various techniques for making cakes, can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding gourmets.

You can get true gastronomic pleasure and appreciate all the benefits of the “right” pizza today in the Shotam gastro-cafe.

Order delicious pizza with fast delivery in Kiev

Gastro-cafe "Shotam" offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy the unique taste of their favorite dish. Thanks to many years of experience and the application of modern cooking techniques, we were able to present the widest selection of pizza to create a real gastronomic holiday in the best European traditions.

In the process of preparing each dish, we use exclusively natural, Italian ingredients, thanks to which each pizza presented in our menu has not only an exclusive taste and delicate aroma, but also is a true source of vitamins and minerals.

The main advantages of pizza in the gastronomic cafe “Shotam” are:

A wide selection of pizza for every taste and budget;

In order for everyone to enjoy a true workshop of tastes, our gastro menu offers the widest selection of ready-made pizza solutions that can satisfy a wide variety of taste preferences.

The use of exclusively natural, Italian ingredients;

At the time of preparation of each dish, we use only high-quality, natural ingredients, thanks to which Shotam pizza is always tasty and nutritious.

The use of modern professional equipment;

Thanks to the specialized gastronomic cuisine, Shotam culinary specialists can easily create thin pizza with the right proportion of ingredients and the level of baking.

The speed of preparation of each dish;

We value the time of our Guests, which is why the process of making pizza in “Shotam” is implemented in the shortest possible time.

Affordable pricing and convenient discount system;

Each pizza presented in our menu is not only tasty, but also financially affordable. In addition, our gastro-cafe has a number of promotional offers, thanks to which you can easily arrange a real gastro-holiday with Shotam.

Fast pizza delivery anywhere in Kiev.

Thanks to the fast courier delivery, waiting for your favorite meal will not take much time.

You can order pizza delivery in Kiev just now. To do this, just confirm your choice on our website. Within five minutes, Shotam managers will contact you to confirm the order and recommend the best dish. It can be either Hawaiian pizza or Capricciosa, traditional Margarita or piquant Papperoni. Also, it is here that you will find the widest selection of European main dishes, appetizers, salads, desserts and drinks for every taste.

Gastro-cafe "Shotam" is always a delicious pizza with fast delivery in Kiev and only affordable prices.