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Main dishes

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The main dishes of European cuisine are always delicious and festive.

The main European dishes include meat and fish, which, in combination with the “right” sauce and side dish, accurately convey the centuries-old traditions of European cuisine.

You can enjoy the exquisite taste of European main dishes today in the SHOTAM gastro-cafe.

Order European main courses with fast delivery and at an affordable price in Kiev

SHOTAM offers the widest selection of main dishes for connoisseurs of all the advantages of European cuisine. Thanks to the use of modern cooking techniques, we were able to recreate the traditional taste and delicate aroma of our favorite culinary masterpieces.

In the process of preparing each dish, we use exclusively natural ingredients, as well as pay special attention to the presentation, so that every dish in SHOTAM is always tasty, healthy and very beautiful.

For our customers:

Traditional main dishes of European cuisine;

In the menu of the SHOTAM gastro-cafe you can find the main dishes for every taste. This can be either a traditional chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella in Gourmet sauce or a Filet Mignon steak with quinoa and grape pepper sauce, or a duck leg with buckwheat risotto and porcini mushrooms. Seafood lovers will appreciate the classic dorado on a vegetable pillow with Ber Blan sauce, as well as a tuna steak with stuffed tomatoes in a creamy sauce.

Only natural Italian ingredients;

In order to make European dishes not only tasty, but also healthy, we use exclusively natural Italian ingredients.

The speed of preparation of each order;

Thanks to the latest equipment, the process of preparing your favorite dishes does not take much time.

Fast delivery of main dishes in the city of Kiev;

SHOTAM logisticians always plan the best route for your order.

Reasonable prices and loyalty systems for our customers.

You can order main dishes in SHOTAM with just one click. To do this, just confirm your choice on our website or contact the SHOTAM managers. SHOTAM experts will answer all your questions, recommend the best main course and draw up an optimal route plan for the quick delivery of your order.

Gastro-cafe SHOTAM - these are the best culinary masterpieces in the best European traditions.