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Desserts of European cuisine
European desserts are a harmonious combination of original taste and exclusive presentation. Due to the unique sound of each ingredient, as well as a wide selection of desserts, it is the sweet side of European cuisine that remains at the peak of popularity around the world.

You can find delicious cakes and other desserts made in accordance with all the rules of European cuisine and turn everyday life into a holiday today in the Shotam gastro-cafe.

Order European desserts at Shotam with delivery in Kiev

Gastro-cafe Shotam offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy the true taste of their favorite European desserts. Thanks to a team of experienced culinary specialists and modern dessert cooking techniques, we were able to present a universal dessert menu that will give everyone a true gastronomic pleasure.

A feature of desserts from Shotam is the discovery of a new sounding of ingredients in each dessert. The use of only natural ingredients, unexpected combinations of tastes and a masterpiece presentation will allow everyone to appreciate all the advantages of European sweet cuisine.

In order to provide each guest with a European service service, in addition to a comfortable location on the Left Bank, we provide a restaurant service and dessert delivery in Kiev. As a result, you can order an exit children's table or dessert banquet for a wedding or corporate party in just a couple of minutes by contacting the managers of our gastro-cafe.

You can order delicious desserts with delivery in Kiev in just one click, confirming your choice on the website of the Shotam gastro-cafe. Within five minutes, Shotam managers will contact you to confirm the order and recommend the best desserts of European cuisine. It can be either an apple pie with Patissiere cream, Cheesecake or Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice cream, Honey cake with caramelized nuts and other desserts from the Kiev Shotam gastro-menu.

Shotam's European desserts are a great choice for creating a truly sweet life!