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About SHOTAM - Gastro Cafe


SHOTAM is a young and creative gastro cafe which was founded in 2018 in Kiev, as a unique place for family leisure and a very “own” vacation with friends. Thanks to many years of experience and the introduction of the latest trends in the restaurant business, we were able to create a unique Frends atmosphere with a modern interior and a wide range of European cuisine menus.

A feature of SHOTAM gastro-cafe is not only comfortable and friendly atmosphere, but also European service in servicing each Guest. In the process of creating SHOTAM, we managed not only to take into account all the subtleties of the work of gastro-format establishments , but also to put into practice the unique cooking techniques of each dish. It was decided to take full responsibility for the comfortable leisure and gastronomic pleasure of each guest.

A wide range of dishes with complex recipes, preparing dishes from fresh Italian ingredients, as well as the speed of each order is the basis of the idea of ​​creating SHOTAM Pizza Shop in Kiev .

Italian pizza and the best restaurant dishes with love

Today, the main activity of SHOTAM is cooking not only delicious Italian pizza , but also traditional dishes from Europe. Due to the observance of all the subtleties of the classic recipe, as well as the exclusive presentation of each dish, we provide to our Guests a true workshop of tastes in every order.

From SHOTAM to our Guests:

  •  Comfortable and unique atmosphere of Friends for a modern holiday;
  •  The best dishes of European cuisine;
  •  Exclusive presentation of Italian pizza, pasta, steaks or desserts ;
  •  Fast delivery of pizza and European dishes in Kiev;
  • Gastro-cafe Shotam catering services;
  • Affordable prices prices and promotional offers available to the SHOTAM guests.

    In order for everyone to enjoy the taste of their favorite dishes from home, today we provide services of gastro-cafe online. Thanks to the convenient photo gallery of our site, ordering Italian pizza or other European dishes will not take much time. In addition, it is with SHOTAM that you can organize the catering  within the city of Kiev with a full range of our menu.

    Today, the gastro-cafe SHOTAM menu  includes not only such famous snacks as tartar with veal and pickled peppers, Gravlax salmon with young potatoes, tuna with baked apples or brusettes with prosciutto, mango and blue cheese, but also Italian spaghetti Carbonara, and spicy tagliatelle with salmon and Chilean mussels. For the sweet tooth, we have developed a special dessert menu with such famous dishes as classic chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream, honey cake with caramelized nuts, cheesecake, as well as a French apple pie with Patissiere cream.

    Order delicious Italian pizza or European dishes in Kiev you can just now. To do this, just confirm your choice on our website.

    SHOTAM gastro-cafe is not just food! We deliver emotions!