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European cuisine salads are a great choice for true gastronomic pleasure. Thanks to the wide assortment and unexpected taste combinations, it is European salads that remain at the peak of popularity not only in European countries, but also in Ukraine and the USA. To choose your ideal salad follows from taste preferences.

Today, the range of European cuisine salads includes many options, ranging from traditional vegetarian salads to unexpected combinations of vegetables, spices and seafood. In addition to the wide selection, a feature of each salad of European cuisine is the ability to independently add the necessary dressing. Thus, before the meal, you can not only see each ingredient, but also add the dressing in the "correct" proportion.

You can enjoy the unique taste of traditional European salads in Kiev right now by confirming your order for your favorite salad in SHOTAM.

Order European salads with fast delivery in Kiev

Gastro-cafe SHOTAM is a great choice for anyone who appreciates the unique taste of your favorite European dishes. Thanks to a team of experienced cooks and the latest equipment, we were able to present the widest selection of European salads to create a real gastronomic feast.

In the process of preparing each salad, we use not only natural, Italian ingredients, but also modern processing techniques, which preserves the correct taste and vitamin balance of your favorite dish.

The main benefits of European salads at SHOTAM are:

The widest selection of salads of European cuisine;

The SHOTAM menu features the widest selection of traditional European salads that will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding gourmets.

Use of natural, high-quality ingredients;

At the time of preparation of each dish we use only natural, fresh ingredients, which is why SHOTAM salads are always delicious and very useful.

Efficiency in the execution of each order;

Thanks to the modern equipment and many years of experience of our cooks, cooking your favorite meal does not take much time.

Fast delivery in the city of Kiev;

To ensure that the delivery of dishes in Kiev does not take a long time, SHOTAM logisticians make a detailed plan of the optimal route.

Affordable pricing and promotions for SHOTAM Guests.

We value the time and money of our guests, which is why the gastronomic feast at SHOTAM is not only tasty but also not expensive.

Order European salads with delivery in Kiev. You can today. It is enough to either contact the managers of SHOTAM or confirm the application for a salad order on our site. Within five minutes we will contact you to confirm your order and recommend the best salad from our menu. It can be both a traditional Caesar with chicken and a warm salad with roast beef and mustard sauce. Seafood connoisseurs will be pleasantly surprised by the classic Aioli seafood mix, tuna mix and mango salad under sesame dressing, as well as salmon salad and avocado mustard dressing, which are presented in our menu.

Gastro-cafe SHOTAM is the widest selection of salads in the best European traditions.