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Gastronomic pleasure in the best European traditions

Gastro-cafe SHOTAM invites everyone to enjoy a true workshop of tastes in the best European traditions. Thanks to many years of experience a    nd the use of the latest techniques for preparing each ingredient, we were able to present the widest selection of European dishes and Italian pizza in Kyiv .

The main task of the SHOTAM gastro-cafe is not only to provide modern service in servicing of each Guest, but also to turn the tasting of European masterpieces into a true gastronomic pleasure. An individual presentation of each course, unexpected combinations of tastes, as well as the comfortable atmosphere of friendship will allow everyone to appreciate all the advantages of the capital's gastro-rest.

The main advantages of SHOTAM gastro-cafe are:

  • Experienced Culinary Team;
    The SHOTAM team is a successful tender of experience and true friendship. Comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen, interchangeability and professionalism allow us to create not only the most spectacular presentations, but also to reveal new sounds of ingredients in each dish;
  • Modern cooking techniques for every course;
    In the process of creating dishes of European cuisine, we use exclusively natural Italian ingredients, as well as modern technology cooking dishes.
  • The widest range of food selection in the gastro menu;
    The SHOTAM gastro menu presents first courses, snacks, desserts, and the same fast food dishes made according to the European recipe and technology.
  • Comfortable atmosphere of Shotam Friends;
    Cozy interior, relaxed atmosphere and European dishes with unique presentation will allow our guests to expirience unforgottable and friendly relaxation.
  • Visit our gastro-cafe SHOTAM in Kiev;
    With SHOTAM, you can create a true holiday wherever and whenever. Thanks the universally designed gastro menu, we can easily help in the exit organization of a corporate buffet, children's birthday, or youth party.
  • Affordable pricing and discount systems for regular customers.

Order European dishes and Italian pizza delivery in Kiev

SHOTAM Gastro Cafe is an excellent choice for creating true gastronomic pleasure anywhere. A wide selection of first courses, snacks, desserts , as well as pizza , made according to the European recipe, will open up even the most famous dishes in a new way.

To order Italian pizza or European dishes you just need to confirm your choice on our website or contact the managers of SHOTAM in Kiev . Qualified experts of our gastro-cafe will answer all your questions and recommend the best dishes to create an unforgettable gastro-holiday. It can be either Italian Four Cheese pizza or Carbonara spaghetti, a Rybay steak with grilled corn or Caesar salad with chicken.

Trust the best and enjoy the true extravaganza of tastes with the SHOTAM team in Kiev.